Divine Days

"Divine Days was written for and commissioned by Western Kentucky University for its 2006 Centennial Celebration. The eight poems are by the immensely talented California-based artist, Gabriel Navar, whose work is noted for its sensual imagery. Drama features prominently in "Divine Days" and text painting abounds, highlighting Navar's beautiful poetry. This is the second time I have set Gabriel Navar's poetry, the first being the large scale "Cantos Alegres" (Joyful Songs) for solo baritone, choir, horn, piano and percussion commissioned by Jo-Michael Scheibe and the Master Chorale of Tampa Bay. The musical inspiration for "Divine Days" comes from a short piano piece I wrote for Manuel de Jesus German on July 4, 1999 titled "Cancion". I have incorporated Cancion into several compositions since then, including one of my most performed choral works, "Amor que une con el Amor Grandisimo" (Love that unites me with the Greatest Love) text again by Gabriel Navar and my most recent horn and piano work, "Reflections". It is presented in its entirety at the opening of "Divine Days" and then comes back at pivotal moments throughout the work. When asked by WKU to write a piece for choir and band I wanted to showcase both groups and not have the band simply serve in an accompanying manner. There are 2 extended dances for band alone as well as a modified version of the "Cancion" in the middle of the composition. The primary poetic images in "Divine Days" are that of nature, night, dusk and love that is pure and unconditional. "Divine Days" is published by Colla Voce Music." - Paul Basler

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Divine Days

Angel from La Virgen de Guadalupe holding drapery " Divine Days "
acrylic, dirt, oil, cardboard on canvas
34 x 34 in © 2000 Gabriel Navar

Divine Days

how rich is the sun
and the avocado I eat

how grand is the love
that I offer to your day

this river is rich
which opens such fine paths

so ample is the grass
that guards angel guides

mango-flavored nights
open beautiful paths
orange lights taste my eyes...

great avocado rich that I eat,
you are a grand seed, my love,
amply I plant you,
in days,
divine days


Inside by Gabriel Navar " Inside "
mixed media on wood
18 x 19 in © 1997 Gabriel Navar


outside there is
a light that shines
from inside
where one can hear
the youthful breathing
of a festive
heart -
all around,
towards the outside
the light

Life on my Mind

Adentro by Gabriel Navar
" Life on my Mind "
acrylic, oil & cardboard on wood
41 x 14 in © 2000 Gabriel Navar

Life on my Mind

when rain droplets fall
they unite and upon evaporating
rise towards the clouds
towards the sky
towards the clear silence
that is the basket of hope
of dreams
of the colors that
kiss life
on my

when tears of sorrow fall
they unite with joyful songs
in my being,
I begin to realize again
that of the air,
of the sun,
of earth I am
and that I love the dream that dreams us
and the colors of people
that are my people

A Constant Awakening

painting by Gabriel Navar
" A Constant Awakening "
mixed media on wood & wood found object
39 x 44 in © 1997 Gabriel Navar

A Constant Awakening

dusk falls
in unison the crickets sing
their songs bring warmth
they unite me with the shadows
that swallow and await,
dressed in deep blue,
for the delicate light
the god, the color of lemons
his juices are pure
they awaken in me
a constant

Here is the Day

Aqui esta el dia by Gabriel Navar " Here is the Day "
acrylic on cardboard & wood
27 x 21 in © 1998 Gabriel Navar

Here is the Day

I hear the song of violet
the clouds seem to smile
when the moon
in the clear
nocturnal sky
I hear the melody of the
grass with its breeze
the flavor of watermelons
the celestial veil has arrived
it accompanies like a
familiar embrace,
like the navel of a
continuous dream
that reminds me that
here is
the day

Within the Sweet...

Within the Sweet Affectionate Night " Within the Sweet Affectionate Night "
acrylic & oil on canvas
48 x 24 in © 2001 Gabriel Navar

Within the Sweet Affectionate Night

the constant awakening
between my shoulders
open once again

the yellow door
is a smile, spring-time
promise, entrance of light

the space is a cosmic palace
behind the eyes
on the tip of the tongue
and in the poetry of the fingers

the air is a garden
within my days

it opens once more

the sea of ideas
is a cathedral, spring-time
promise, entrance of love

the space is a rose palace
behind the eyes
between the lips
that kiss the sweet
affectionate night

A Good Lunar Kiss

Un Buen Beso Lunar by Gabriel Navar " A Good Lunar Kiss "
mixed media on paper
25 x 19 in © 1997 Gabriel Navar

A Good Lunar Kiss

I love the night... and
enchanted I am
when the flame of a
single match dances its
orange dance in front
of your face
light from the stars
caress your face
like a slow lick
of water over the sand of the sea

I love the sky... and
drunk I am
with joy when
the white lunar kiss
forms a good home
of dreams
in your face
light from your eyes
warm my insides
like a slow awakening
that celebrates the light of
the sun

New Day

New Day by Gabriel Navar " New Day "
acrylic & oil on canvas
48 x 24 in © 2001 Gabriel Navar

New Day

the circular atmosphere
flowers within my eyes
and enters the womb
of a new day...

its red aromas
guide my nose
and strengthen my vision...
I surrender to happiness !!

I close my eyes
the color is like the prickly pear of the cactus -
I open all the doors;
may the sweet affectionate night enter !!

the waters sleep
within my shoulders...
they reflect the circular atmosphere
of the new day,
its skin sugar
and rose...


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