app 4 disgruntled days

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Disgruntled man holding his android phone while wearing Captain America t-shirt " app 4 disgruntled days "
acrylic, pencils, ink, & oil on canvas board
16 x 12 in © 2013 Gabriel Navar

The initial interest in creating this painting was the challenge and compositional fun engaged in the exercise of foreshortening the figure for visually dramatic, three-dimensional impact, which has always been of interest to me. Furthermore,  as with just about all of my paintings, color is important, especially complementary-pair combinations (here, I juxtapose the rich blues of the Captain America t-shirt amongst washes and glazes of "sun-caused" yellow, yellow-orange, pinks and salmon notes both on the figure’s skin as well as on the structure behind him).


The figure (I modeled for the photo from which the painting was derived from) clenches his teeth as he zeroes in on his smart phone/gadge... what is causing him to be so intense, tense, disgruntled? To the top left a glaring, blinding light bathes across the yellow-green sky and onto the figure as well as the ubiquitous Dish sitting on the roof above him, almost like a mocking witness to the seemingly inseparable dance of man and techno-toys.

Previous Featured Paintings

Visit my Archived Featured Paintings: I have about 20 Previous Featured Paintings. Each one of them has a story, a description about their creation as well as some background about their form, content and symbolism. Looking at the Previous Featured Paintings page I realize that I have had a wide range of interests over time in the figurative, narrative work that I have created over the years. I hope you can appreciate that an element that ties my work together is my desire to create thought provoking compositions that involve the figure, rich colors, and, often, the human theater.