Duende Art


Duende Art is an artist collective that work in various visual art media. The work by these 10 artist share certain characteristics that are part of the Duende sensibility as described by Federico Garcia-Lorca in his essay "Play and Theory of the Duende". In the introduction to Duende Theory Dr. Jose Rodeiro wrote: "In the essay, Lorca identifies three distinct spiritual entities that inspire all human creativity: 1) muses, 2) angels, and 3) the duende. As the essay progresses, Lorca defines and compares each of these supernatural art-inducing dynamos." Furthermore, in terms of creative inspiration, Dr. Jose Rodeiro states that "the Duende's only concern is the here-&-now ('the present')".

If you have any questions or suggestions for Duende venues or other opportunities involving Duende; please visit the official Duende Art website. You may also contact me.


The main purpose, as a collective, Duende Art plan on having exhibitions throughout America and internationally.

Sample Artwork


PCCC Galleries

Jose Rodeiro and Sergio Villamizar had the Inagural Duende Exhibition at the PCCC Galleries in Peterson, New Jersey in the fall of 2010. For pictures of the exhibition event please visit Duende Art.