"Aqui esta El Dia"

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Aqui esta el dia, painting by artist Gabriel Navar " Aqui esta el dia "
acrylic & oil on wood
27 x 21 in © 1998 Gabriel Navar

This painting created a new cycle of paintings and poetry for me. Since I painted it, I have done other paintings and drawings with a similar sense of spirit, energy and concept. To me the message is clear and simple. It is about seizing and enjoying the moment... the day. Since I am a painter, I painted myself with an illuminated brush which in a sense becomes my sort of luminary, my magic wand. I say this because I strongly feel that art is a major way of communicating the language of love, hope and happiness with others. The materials on which the painting is on are all recycled (cardboard and wood that I put together). Without further due, I wish to share the poem with the same title which expresses the enthusiasm that was put in making this painting. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is the Day

I hear the song of violet
the clouds seem to smile
when the moon
in the clear
nocturnal sky
I hear the melody of the
grass with its breeze
the flavor of watermelons
the celestial veil has arrived
it accompanies like a
familiar embrace,
like the navel of a
continuous dream
that reminds me that
here is
the day

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