Embrace Creation

"Embrace Creation was commissioned by and written for the Tennessee Technological University Chorale, Craig Zamer, conductor. The four poems are by the immensely talented California-based artist, Gabriel Navar, whose work is noted for its sensual imagery. Drama features prominently in Embrace Creation and text painting abounds, highlighting Navar's beautiful poetry. This is the third time I have set Gabriel Navar's poetry (21 poems in all), the first being the large scale, nine movement Cantos Alegres (Joyful Songs) for solo baritone, choir, horn, piano and percussion commissioned by Jo-Michael Scheibe and the Master Chorale of Tampa Bay and the second, Divine Days for Choir and Wind Ensemble (8 poems), written for and commissioned by Western Kentucky University for its 2006 Centennial Celebration."

To have Gabriel at the world premiere, actively participating in the performance process will be an unprecedented experience for all. RARELY does both the composer and poet join together for the premiere - it will be a marvelous opportunity for both the performers and audience.

Embrace Creation will be performed by the Tennessee Tech Chorale, Craig Zamer, Conductor, with the Tenn Tech Faculty Woodwind Quintet. The music itself is very lush - full of warm harmonies which envelope the poetry. The pieces is in 4 sections (4 poems used: Honey, I love a small leaf like I love the entire forest, Reentrance, and Eternal Smile) - Paul Basler

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Cucamonga Honey bear logo " Miel "
acrylic on wood
34 1/2 x 28 1/2 in © 2002 Gabriel Navar


I love the light on your skin
it falls like your timeless smile
over the golden air...
honey of my eyes

little by little
I lift the earth
its veins are hymns
of every being

in every grain
I can see
the timeless light
and in my hands

I feel them grow
I feel them grow

Amo a una Hojita...

Amo una hojita como amo el bosque entero " Amo a una Hojita como Amo el Bosque Entero "
mixed media on board
36 x 24 in © 2000 Gabriel Navar

Amo a una Hojita como Amo el Bosque entero

yes, it is true, I love a small leaf of the tree
like I love the entire tree
because it makes me live completely
and that is how I love
the entire forest

morning is a kiss,
the day, a caress,
and the night, an embrace,
a very strong embrace...
and when I embrace you with passion,
I embrace creation

when I love a small leaf
when I embrace you
I love the forest
I embrace creation

today and always

today and always


Reentrance by Gabriel Navar " Reentrance "
mixed media on wooden door
75 x 28 in © 1997 Gabriel Navar


in love again, I embrace the blanket of sunlight
and indulge, flesh and spirit, on the festival of warmth

the sky darkens from a rich orange to twilight violets,
deepening colors that send my blood into a rising boil

upon entering the house, I leave my body at the door
and blissfully swim and wander into the rivers of thoughts
that overflow in my mind

I'm consumed by the memory of the ocean, land of water
and life, mother of waves, hypnotizing children who repeatedly
lick the shore like a tongue who's surfaces reflect the
twinkling lights in the sky

in love again, I bathe in the celestial tickle of dreams
and indulge, in full departure, on the magic of the night

the sight of the comet dazzles my being and crystallizes
my enchantments
its trail entrances me as I imagine it being as long as the
longest of miracles... I feel blessed

upon reentering my body, fire is my spirit and in an unconscious
sleep dance, I awaken into a euphoric spell
I hum, the rhythm is slow, not unlike ocean waves

night lifts its dark veil of indigos and shadows
I'm consumed once more by the melody of dayfall
young birds, old birds welcome the sun
I listen to their songs and embrace the blanket of light
its warmth is a gift,
a festival of life

Timeless Smile

Mona Lisa face intertwined with The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David of the murdered French revolutionary leader Jean-Paul Marat. " Timeless Smile "
mixed media on board
17 1/2 x 21 1/2 in in © 2002 Gabriel Navar

Timeless Smile

may the atmosphere
always maintain
its honey skin
and may the light so tender
always kiss
your timeless

may there be no fear
in your heaven
and may the blood
of your archangel
feed and always sustain
your timeless

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