"app 2 express..."

A Previous Featured Painting

This trio of paintings is an homage to artists of all disciplines who reveal truths and inspire to see things in other ways (or through another consciousness) through the way they often create using their hands and minds... The dark surroundings are a sort of ode to one of my favorite painters of the Baroque era, Caravaggio.... I absolutely enjoy the heavy chiaroscuro and not only the "theatrical" lighting, but also the emotions conveyed by the figures themselves.... Now, what are they expressing? In my mind, they are expressing an introspective, creative outburst of poetic madness where another inner level of the psyche is revealed. It is, in sum, a celebration of the act of creation!

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Visit my Current Featured Painting "app 4 disgruntled days". It was currently added to my site on April 2013. Also, visit my Archived Featured Paintings, I have about 20 Previous Featured Paintings. Each one of them has a story, a description about their creation as well as some background about their form, content and symbolism. Looking at the Previous Featured Paintings page I realize that I have had a wide range of interests over time in the figurative, narrative work that I have created over the years. I hope you can appreciate that an element that ties my work together is my desire to create thought provoking compositions that involve the figure, rich colors, and, often, the human theater.

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