Contemporary Painting Galleries Index

This is an INDEX of my painting galleries. I have arranged my paintings into 3 different categories: 1. Themed Galleries Based on Popular Subjects (based on various themes such as Mexican Loteria, Sesame Street Muppets etc.), 2. Paintings Galleries Grouped in Chronology (they are arranged into 6 galleries based on the years the paintings were created), 3. My Painting Process (consisting of two galleries - in one I explain how the painting came about and on the second you may view the different stages of completion of various paintings); they form a total of 13 galleries listed below. This is just an index of the galleries. Follow the links onto the galleries that you wish to view.

Themed Galleries Based on Popular Subjects

Chespirito: Paintings Based on the Popular TV Characters

Chespirito: Roberto Gómez Bolaños is a legendary Mexican writer and actor, creator of beloved characters such as "El Chapulin Colorado", "El Chavo Del Ocho", "La Chilindrina", "Quico", "Don Ramon", and several other characters. I am therefore interested in visiting their "vecindad" (neighborhood) from time to time. These "timeless" characters represent, more than anything else, an important part of popular Latino culture and absolute nostalgia for me... Read More

Selfies: Paintings inspired by Narcissist Self-Portrait Photographs

Selfies: How many of us have stood in front of a mirror with our smart phones ready to shoot that fabulous selfie; or simply stretched our arm out above our head in order to catch the best view of ourselves with our gadget? Whether you have or have not engaged in taking these self-absorbed, social-media-geared “selfies”, then let me tell you - you will enjoy my recent series - the selfies. Here I explore iconic, emblematic, consumer-oriented imagery based on popular culture, art historical references (predominantly as homages and appropriations), as well as expressions of "self-absorptions gone wrong"... these are my current interests... enjoy... Read More

  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Wendy
  • Frida Kahlo
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Salvador Dali

Mexican Loteria: Paintings Inspired by Popular Game

Mexican Loteria: Paintings Influenced by the popular Mexican bingo-like game. I recently began to incorporate the images of the Mexican Loteria cards into my paintings. This is a new theme I am currently exploring. My "take" on the "Loteria" tribute is that I continue with my technology/gadget-infused sensibility, while my "characters" wear t-shirts honoring "Loteria" artwork... I am intrigued by these cards because of their cultural, iconic, and popular significance as well as for their intrinsic artistic strength, compositions and colors... Read More

  • app 2 b in bliss 3
  • app 4 soulsearching 2
  • app 2 level playing fields 3
  • app 2 level playing fields 2
  • app 2 b in bliss 2

When It Rains: Paintings Influenced by the Morton Salt Girl

Morton Salt Girl : I have painted various versions of the Morton Salt Girl over the years since 2003. For one reason or another, I find that every few months or so I am creatively driven to revisit this well-known American symbol of the iconic salt company. Read More

  • Astilla
  • app 4 multigenerational blessings
  • app 4 mexibiculturalizing
  • Diluvios
  • Playa

Sesame Street: Paintings Inspired by the Lovable Muppets

Sesame Street: Along with the Mexican Loteria series, I have merged and hybridized it with a few Sesame Street characters. A nerve was struck while I was watching one of the 2012 United States Presidential debates when the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, declared and threatened that he would eliminate Big Bird by cutting PBS funding. More than anything, the Muppets are nostalgic for me.Read More

  • app 2 stay tickled
  • app 4 inner glamor
  • app 4 green progress
  • app 4 counting blessings
  • app 2 cheer up 4 good

Art History Homages: Parodies of Famous Paintings

Art History Homages: I have intermittently been creating paintings that are not only parodies but, more accurately, homages to some of my favorite famous paintings. In my versions, of course, the iconic and, in many instances, art history "masterpieces", involve a preoccupation, prevalence, and dependence with and on technology... Read More

  • app 4 gothic fun times
  • app 4 distractions 2
  • app 4 extreme times 2
  • app 4 spiritual moments
  • app 4 reawakening the 3rd eye

Paintings Galleries Grouped in Chronology

2015 - 2017 Painting Galleries: Masks

2015 - 2017 Painting Gallery: More recently, I find myself exploring masks. The masks are representations of ancient cultures as well as popular icons such as super heroes, music creators and sci-fi culture. Read More

  • George Michael
  • Donald Trump
  • Atari Pole Position
  • Black Star
  • Kraftwerk

2013 - 2014 Painting Galleries: Masks

2013 - 2014 Painting Gallery: More recently, I find myself exploring masks. The masks are representations of ancient cultures as well as popular icons such as super heroes, music creators and sci-fi culture. Read More

  • app 4 better days 4
  • app 4 better days 3
  • app 4 better days 2
  • app 4 better days
  • app 4 continuums 2

2011 - 2012 Painting Galleries: Apps and Smart Phones

2011 - 2012 Painting Gallery: The topics that I have been working on through 2011 and into 2012 have included a continuing reference to the on-line platform, specifically "youtube" and, more specifically since the Fall of 2011, the world of "apps" (applications) that one encounters through technological gadgets, ipods, ipads and smartphones... Read More

  • app 4 unhoarding
  • app 4 slow coma recipes 2
  • app 4 prickly situations
  • app 4 human interacting

2008 - 2010 Painting Galleries: Youtube Series

2008 - 2010 Painting Gallery: What preoccupied the work that I was working on through 2008 and into 2010 included a continuing reference to the on-line platform and visual experience. Although I referenced "youtube" in my work in previous years (in 2006, in particular), it wasn't until the beginning of 2009 that I made a conscious effort to work on my "youtube" series where the topics included spiritual themes, references to violence in society that I carried over into 2011... Read More


2004 - 2007 Painting Galleries: The Internet and Politics

2004 - 2007 Painting Gallery: Although in my paintings I started exploring ideas relating to the web, spam, and the digital/cyber realm towards the end of 2003, I started getting serious about it in 2004 (and on through the present). I am inspired by the on-line platform as a way of investigating current, relevant events as well as the human condition as it relates to and is tightly interwoven with our inner, cyber, natural and urban landscapes... Read More

  • Contrasts
  • Purgatory 2
  • Purgatory 3
  • Strong Enough
  • Open Wide

2002 - 2003 Painting Gallery: The Internet Platform

2002 - 2003 Painting Gallery: The paintings that I created during these couple of years included new directions (especially towards the end of 2003, when I began incorporating the internet and computer realm as a rich and fertile source to tap into) as well as explorations that have been of much interest to me for years past (such as the depiction of people in a meditative, symbolic and active state of connecting with each other as well as with the natural environment)... Read More

  • Tortilla Cosmica
  • Tiempo
  • Cenith
  • Undo Fire
  • Search Ends

2000 - 2001 Painting Galleries: Visual Explorations

2000 - 2001 Painting Gallery: The focus of my work during these years included the interconnectedness I felt with my inner, natural and urban environments. The energy within my work was my fascination with the phenomenon and celebration of existence. Through painting I visually explored elements of my consciousness including dreams, memories, projections of the future and the phenomenon of rejoicing... Read More

  • Me Rendi a la Gran Carcajada
  • Te Ofrezco al Sol
  • En tu Calor Siempre Hay Amor
  • La Madre Fuerza
  • Crema de Estrellas

1993 - 1999 Painting Galleries: A Visual Journal

1993 - 1999 Painting Gallery: Painting for me during these years was a place for formal exploration, especially with materials and textures. The images took root in the world of awake consciousness as well as in sleep, or dream consciousness. The paintings served as a sort of visual journal where awake and dream consciousness not only merge, but also where they are equal in that they reveal the "truth" about existence... Read More

  • Closet Carnival
  • Ocean Offspring
  • Oda al Momento Verde
  • Heirs of Gravity
  • Naciendo

1989 - 1992 Painting Galleries: Formative Years

1989 - 1992 Painting Gallery: The paintings and drawings in this gallery represent my formative years. Although I had been sketching, writing, and painting (often with media that included finger paints, crayons and spray paint) since childhood, it was in 1989 that I, as a young person, decided to "re-baptize" myself as an artist. ... Read More

  • Sea of Spit
  • Grey Meditation
  • Self Portrait
  • Gabriel Skinned for the Hands of the Sea and Sky
  • Breakthrough in the Factory of the Silent Corner

My Painting Process

Featured Painting

The Featured Painting provides a brief description about it's creation process as well as its narrative. The themes (my observations of the human "theatre" in all its splendor) vary from one painting to the next but include my trajectory, including the surreal dream worlds, the realm of nature, the spiritual/divine, and the on-line platform, including the world of "apps". The current featured painting "app 2 pick a mask 2" features a man trying on two different Mexican masks, one featuring the devil and the other a Mayan deity... Read More

  • app 2 express nonsense 3
  • Felizmente Casados
  • app 4 reawakening 3rd eye 2
  • Auto-Retrato
  • Miel (Honey)

Progress of a Painting

Progress of a Painting: This gallery shows how I create a painting from a prelimenary sketch to its final composition. It is a look behind the scenes that is lost once the painting is completed. I usually begin by priming the surface and then drawing with pencil most, if not all, of the composition I have in mind. I then proceed by filling in with pigment and work in layers... Read More

  • app 4 dreaming in code
  • app 4 unlabotimizing
  • app 2 adjust attitudes
  • app 4 green progress
  • app 4 human interacting 3