Host Publications

Another project I have been involved with is in publishing my paintings as book covers for writers and poets, as well as in a book journal. The name of the publishing company that has teamed me up with writers Noni Benegas (from Argentina/Spain, author of Burning Cartography) and Liliana Blum (from Mexico, author of The Curse of Eve) is Host Publications. They work with writers from all over the world. Host publications also published a literary journal called The Dirty Goat which features international writers and poets as well as 2 visual artists per publication. In their 17th edition, they feature my work.

The Curse of Eve

Gabriel Navar's Blessing or Curse painting on the cover of The Curse of Eve by Liliana Blum "Blessing or Curse?"
24" x 86"
© 2006 Gabriel Navar

In this extraordinary short story collection, acclaimed Mexican writer Liliana Blum presents us with a startling, tender and often hilarious take on modern life. In the affecting title story, the very ordinary fate of a young mother is laid bare as the stuff of tragedy. In Kisses on the Forehead, a personal ad leads to a desperate tryst between a virgin and a vagabond, while A Model Kit invites us to observe an unorthodox artist and his odious methods of creation. A young woman's adventures with a porn star inspire an unlikely new vocation in God Bless Ron Jeremy, and in To Adorn the Saints the appearance of a naked virgin in the bell-tower wreaks havoc on the village of San Cordelio de Cocoyotl. With lush, elegant prose, Blum performs an unflinching psychological autopsy on her twisted cast of characters, and offers a surreal yet plausible vision of life in the villages and port towns of her homeland. Appearing in English for the first time, The Curse of Eve illuminates the vagaries of marriage, motherhood and morality, and perfectly encapsulates the many small ways in which we make sense of our daily lives.

Burning Cartography

Gabriel Navar's painting Iglesia "Iglesia"
20" x 16"
© 2001 Gabriel Navar

The award-winning poetry of Noni Benegas brings to life the ineffable world in which we live our day to day lives. Journeying back and forth between one s past and one s present, between the everyday world and dreams, her poetry creates a space where, for an instant, the unknown feels familiar and the uncertain becomes reliable.

The Dirty Goat

Gabriel Navar's painting in magazine The Dirty Goat "Purgatory"
16" x 20"
© 2006 Gabriel Navar

The Dirty Goat 17 features poetry, prose, drama and visual art from across the globe. With seventeen poets from Chile featured in this issue, our mini-anthology of Chilean poetry offers an intriguing introduction to a diverse range of voices. Poetry from Russia's Vyacheslav Kupriyanov, Germany's Ursula Krechel, Argentina's Maria Rosa Lojo, Portugal's Antonio Ramos Rosa, Brazil's Cyro De Mattos and a number of new American writers offers readers a superb international sampler of the current poetic voice. The play featured in this issue, Pornographic Angel, takes as its starting point the hilarious and disturbing short stories of Brazilian master stylist Nelson Rodrigues. The two full-color visual art sections - Gabriel Navar's political and comical collages and Malgorzata Maj's modern Pre-Raphaelite interpretations - celebrate the work of two groundbreaking artists. The dynamic prose of Joao Almino's award-winning Brazilian novel, The Five Seasons of Love, closes this issue in dramatic style.

Painting Galleries

Visit my Painting Galleries: navar For over twenty years, image-making for me has been a passion and avenue for exploring experiences, dreams and preoccupations, including issues of our dependence on technology, consumer culture, relationships, spirituality, politics, and the human "theatre". The paintings are arranged into different galleries, grouped, chronologically (the earliest from 1993 and spanning into the present) and "themes", especially when I find myself working in a series of paintings inspired from my life experiences, memories, nostalgia and personal interest, for example multi-generational, cross-cultural, popular consumer-based iconography and imagery, such as Chespirito, the Morton Salt Girl, muppets from Sesame Street, the Mexican Loteria, and Art History Homages.