Painting Gallery 2002-2003

The paintings that I created during these couple of years included new directions (especially towards the end of 2003, when I began incorporating the internet and computer realm as a rich and fertile source to tap into) as well as explorations that have been of much interest to me for years past (such as the depiction of people in a meditative, symbolic and active state of connecting with each other as well as with the natural environment). What certainly preoccupied my attention includes the reference to popular, highly-recognizable symbols, consumer products (especially "ethnic" supermarket items of the Latino "flavor"), as well as to images found in the history of art (western and non-western). Not only was my appropriating of images from art historical sources a sort of tribute, it was an act of fun freedom to be able to borrow and re-contextualize not only famous artworks but also the colors, typography and logos of "disposable" products. The truth is that seen in terms of design as well as consumer products, all of the images, whether it's Goya's Saturn devouring one of his children, or Cucamonga's honey bear, are for consumption.

Painting Galleries

Visit my Painting Galleries: navar For over twenty years, image-making for me has been a passion and avenue for exploring experiences, dreams and preoccupations, including issues of our dependence on technology, consumer culture, relationships, spirituality, politics, and the human "theatre". The paintings are arranged into different galleries, grouped, chronologically (the earliest from 1993 and spanning into the present) and "themes", especially when I find myself working in a series of paintings inspired from my life experiences, memories, nostalgia and personal interest, for example multi-generational, cross-cultural, popular consumer-based iconography and imagery, such as Chespirito, the Morton Salt Girl, muppets from Sesame Street, the Mexican Loteria, and Art History Homages.