Painting Gallery 2011 - 2012

The topics that I have been working on through 2011 and into 2012 have included a continuing reference to the on-line platform, specifically "youtube" and, more specifically since the Fall of 2011, the world of "apps" (applications) that one encounters through technological gadgets, ipods, ipads and smartphones. Throughout much of 2011, the themes that I explored included concerns about wars and "inhumanities", natural disasters, surreal "nightmarish" images that often reference our "attachments" (for better or worse) to our technological devices, mental "hoarding" and baggage "compartmentalizing", as well as cynical observations of the human "theatre" in all its splendor. The "apps" paintings that I am currently working on is a direction where I may continue with the themes that I have been exploring and developing for years but with the added "layer" of allowing myself to invent applications for a grand myriad of human "needs", desires and/or whims. I am having much fun "creating" "apps" (because, lets face it, there seeems to be an app for just about everything) and referencing technology giants, such as youtube, facebook, google plus, twitter, apple, etc, as well as parodies of well-known paintings from different eras (and cultures) in art history. The apps that I've been developing in these paintings include: "app 4 swimming with sharks", "app 4 reconnecting with nature", "app 4 unjustified ego remedies", and "app 4 reawakening the 3rd eye". Pictorially and compositionally, the smart-phone (reference frames and perhaps somehow mocks) the painting imagery (which becomes a sort of window where the world and our desires are potentially at our fingertips).

Painting Galleries

Visit my Painting Galleries: navar For over twenty years, image-making for me has been a passion and avenue for exploring experiences, dreams and preoccupations, including issues of our dependence on technology, consumer culture, relationships, spirituality, politics, and the human "theatre". The paintings are arranged into different galleries, grouped, chronologically (the earliest from 1993 and spanning into the present) and "themes", especially when I find myself working in a series of paintings inspired from my life experiences, memories, nostalgia and personal interest, for example multi-generational, cross-cultural, popular consumer-based iconography and imagery, such as Chespirito, the Morton Salt Girl, muppets from Sesame Street, the Mexican Loteria, and Art History Homages.