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Planta, painting by Gabriel Navar inspired by a Walnut Creek oak tree
" Planta "
acrylic & oil on oakwood
27 x 21 in © 2002 Gabriel Navar

In terms of the process, "Planta" became a painting the way I usually approach my paintings, whether it is a painting on paper, canvas, wood or found material(s). I usually begin by preparing the surface (sanding and priming) and then applying acrylic paint and building a background of a color that suits my interest at that moment. In the case of this painting, I felt like beginning with the color green, especially because of my enjoyment of the surrounding hills, foliage and welcoming of spring. I decided to leave the outer part of the painting natural in order to "frame" the picture. Also, the natural color of the tree plays an active role with the composition and color arrangements in the painting in an effort to connect the surface (the piece of the tree) with the content. "Planta" represents both a process (of cultivating) and a product (a state of being).

In the painting, I am concerned about interconnectedness and cycles of birth, growth, death and rebirth. The images speak of and about human connection with our natural surroundings. The tree, which once was a prominent part of many communities, has been transformed and will "live" and enjoyed by the community as art. The woman embraces a tree that simultaneously is a hand deep-rooted in the ground. The hand represents human connection to the land as well as the ability to transform communities through growth as well as the making of a place we call "home".

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