A Previous Featured Painting

youtube.com/rerevealed by Gabriel Navar. Image features clown face " youtube.com/rerevealed "
acrylic, pencils & oil on paper
18 x 24 in © 2010 Gabriel Navar

This painting is part of my latest youtube series but also, within that series, a "sub-series" about façades, payasos, and masks being pulled, torn, and, within them, the fraud machine, authentic imbecile, and purveyor of smoke and mirrors (politician, institution, government body, corporation, etc.) is once again revealed... re-revealed. For this specific painting, my wish was to be generous and therefore mixed within the impossible room a mocking blend of urgency with a "carnivalesque", cotton-candy array of "fun" colors and a visual tugging dance of the absurd.

Exhibited in UC Santa Barbara's Multicultural Center Exhibition "Bridging through the Arts: Transracial Communit Building" from April 7 - June 10, 2011. The painting is in the collection of Mr. Eric Murphy, Oakland, California.

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Visit my Current Featured Painting "app 4 disgruntled days". It was currently added to my site on April 2013. Also, visit my Archived Featured Paintings, I have about 20 Previous Featured Paintings. Each one of them has a story, a description about their creation as well as some background about their form, content and symbolism. Looking at the Previous Featured Paintings page I realize that I have had a wide range of interests over time in the figurative, narrative work that I have created over the years. I hope you can appreciate that an element that ties my work together is my desire to create thought provoking compositions that involve the figure, rich colors, and, often, the human theater.

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