A Previous Featured Painting

Upload by Navar featuring presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton
acrylic, pencils and oil on paper
18" x 24" © 2005 Gabriel Navar

This painting was so much fun to create! It features one internet "window" offering an assortment of bird perches which may be ordered or uploaded. The design is "presidentially" symmetrical and features a parrot handsomely balanced on perplexed George W. Bush and a Cuckoo readily perched on fatigued Bill Clinton. What this particular, specially-priced perch pair offers is a perch that continues to grow daily (actual maximum length of perch is unknown); this is beneficial, of course, if one wishes to expand on the pet members of the household aviary family.

Other perches may be purchased which may be personalized, including likenesses of your favorite pet(s), child(ren), or in-laws.

Automatic "poop-scoopers" may also be ordered for a nominal fee.

Finding the right roost can be such a chore unless you order through Bird Perch Galore!

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Visit my Current Featured Painting "app 4 disgruntled days". It was currently added to my site on April 2013. Also, visit my Archived Featured Paintings, I have about 20 Previous Featured Paintings. Each one of them has a story, a description about their creation as well as some background about their form, content and symbolism. Looking at the Previous Featured Paintings page I realize that I have had a wide range of interests over time in the figurative, narrative work that I have created over the years. I hope you can appreciate that an element that ties my work together is my desire to create thought provoking compositions that involve the figure, rich colors, and, often, the human theater.

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