Experimental Videos

The following videos are experimental works featuring the images in my paintings. They were made for the love of video and music with the enthusiasm of sharing it with you. Enjoy !

Parody based on Michelle Obama's #TurnipForWhat

I created this video after watching Michelle Obama's video on Vine and listening to Gustavo Cerati.

The background music is "Rio Babel" by Gustavo Cerati.

Selfie Series featuring "Happy" by Pharrell Williams

This video features Gabriel Navar's newest series of paintings dealing with the selfie phenomena. Subjects include individuals taking pictures of themselves with their smart phones. Included is big papi, David Ortiz, taking a selfie with US President Barack Obama.

The background music is "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. Shouldn't we be happy when taking a selfie?

The Chespirito Series V I D E O

This video features Gabriel Navar's Chespirito series of paintings dealing with the Chespirito television characters. Included are El Chapulin Colorado, Quico, Don Ramon, La Chilindrina.

The background music is Bethoven's Turkish March, Op. 113.

The Sesame Street Series V I D E O

This video features Gabriel Navar's Sesame Street series of paintings dealing with the Sesame Street television characters. Included are The Count, Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog, Bert and Ernie.

The background music is the Sesame Street Theme Song by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.

Cantos Alegres

This video uses the images of all the paintings which form "Cantos Alegres". The song is "Adorable Flujo" performed by The Helena Chamber Singers on June 9, 10, 2002.

A Few Paintings: Dark-humor Surrealist Imagery

A quick video featuring a few of my recent paintings. Imagery includes colorful images of woman carrying a tomato plant, person hitting an earth "piñata", embryonic sacs carried by birds in a radioactive hail storm, and a decapitated woman on a laptop loses her head and mind as it drifts away pulled by balloons. These paintings feature "dark-humor" surrealist imagery commenting on miraculous apparitions, nature "gone wrong", the atrocities against our environments, and the realities of distractions and "drifting" away in the digital age.

Manscaping Gone Wrong: Set to "Living Daylights" by Aha

"Living Daylights" by A-ha was used as the background music for this experimental video featuring some of my recent paintings. Images include people sticking out their tongue, a woman holding a ghostly image of her "other" self by the hair , a foreshortened perspective of a woman almost completely under water. As the title of the movie implies, the first image delves into an unfortunate "manscaping" gone wrong of a man with several scrapings and wound similar to popular iconing image of a saintly martyr.

Early Paintings: Featuring "Close To Me" by The Cure

This video features classic song "Close To Me" © 1985 by The Cure . It served as the inspiration to display my early paintings (1989 - 1994). These paintings were based on dreams, nightmares, lyrics my imagination. Most of the paintings are mixed-media (acrylics, oils, wax, and discarded, "found materials"). The imagery includes preoccupations with environmental matters, content with a "dark disposition" as well as a surrealist sensibility. I focused on matters that included relationships (with oneself, others as well as with ghosts), thoughts on the after-life, anxiety, somnambulism and absolute bliss!

Painting Galleries

Visit my Painting Galleries: navar For over twenty years, image-making for me has been a passion and avenue for exploring experiences, dreams and preoccupations, including issues of our dependence on technology, consumer culture, relationships, spirituality, politics, and the human "theatre". The paintings are arranged into different galleries, grouped, chronologically (the earliest from 1993 and spanning into the present) and "themes", especially when I find myself working in a series of paintings inspired from my life experiences, memories, nostalgia and personal interest, for example multi-generational, cross-cultural, popular consumer-based iconography and imagery, such as Chespirito, the Morton Salt Girl, muppets from Sesame Street, the Mexican Loteria, and Art History Homages.